tours or DVD's


Are there tours at the facility or any DVD’s showing one


What are you talking about? What facility? One what?




No need to yell… :smiling_imp:

Try this…


How in God’s name are we supposed to know that from this?

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Aren’t you clairvoyant? I knew he meant Boeing (or the facilities of Airbus or NASA or American Airlines or…)


Well… YEAH! Of course I am! Still, even clairvoyants need SOMETHING to go on! Sheesh! When he said “facility”, I thought he meant the bathroom down the hall…


Matt Lauer mentioned this today, there are tours available to the public. It’s well worth it to see the magnatude of the facility. You can also see the TRAMCO mx facility and other large Boeing contractors in the area. They all used to be my customers and I got to spend alot of time hanging around there.

It appears the poster is new to the forum today, so cut a little slack. Welcome to the forum.

Matt gave a nice plug of Flightaware. Congrats! :smiley:


Thank you so much for the tour information. My husband made the parts for all kinds of airplanes so he would be very interested in this tour. P.S. Thanks to you for being so kind!!! :


Sorry about capitalizing the Boeing facility…I really was not yelling but the caps mean that you are and I honestly forgot…Thanks for straightening me out…Dep


Go to the Boeing web page and enter the word tour into the search box near the top right corner of the screen.


Methinks perhaps the original poster was a Today show viewer who assumed that FA was a site affiliated with Boeing.


Well the first thing that popped up was a 777 model. Is that what I was supposed to see :wink:

THIS looks cool though.

THIS too

A video too