Good news


Notice how much press the airlines get when there is good news to report: … ety-grade/

Straight to the point.


Imagine how much safer our highways would be if 98% of vehicle owners complied with minimum state / provincial standard for vehicle maintenance ( ie. wore tire tread, wore brakes, streaky wipers, cracked windshield, cell phone usage etc.).




That is too bad, because the airlines get more bad press then they deserve. The reality is that airlines in flight service has declined (and all the added fees) because they are trying to bring their fares down to compete, and yet the irony is that people complain about the airfares seeming to high. You get what you pay for! A 100 dollars isn’t going to get you a seat and a nice meal.

Some things like on-time performance (to some extent), and customer service are things they need to improve on, and should take blame for. But how can you do that when the moral of the employees is down, since seeing pay and benefits slashed?