Interesting story on commercial flights w/ maintenance probl

From USA Today: … 2_CV_N.htm

While some of this is to be expected, some of the frequencies of these issues is a little troubling. I guess in today’s age, when everything is about the almighty dollar, this type of stuff is bound to happen. Either way, another news article using fear to sell papers.

The USAToday has been on an anti-aviation campaign for the last few months. Their board must have stock in railroads.

You’re right Davy. I try to catch USA Today’s site once a day and I have noticed a high frequency of aviation disaster, aviation maintenance and airline fine articles in the last several weeks. Foxnews has the Obama administration to go after and USA Today has the aviation sector.

They have also printed several articles smashing general aviation and small airports. I’m sure their board would never fly in a private jet to a non commercial airport.