AC cuts second bag fee


Might we be seeing the start of a new trend; the elimination of these wacky fees?

I personally doubt it.


If fuel continues to go down, then maybe, but many airlines are most likely hesistant to recind fees, since fuel could shoot up again in a hurry.


Smart, pt a new fee while everyone else is doing it so it looks like the normal thing to do, make a few bucks then drop the fee while others are adding more… makes ya look like a less greedy airline, major plus for you in some people’s eyes… of course I could be wrong about the motive but im sure the effects are the same…


That may be true, but I still think fare is king. A large chunck of travelers look at who has the lowest fare, so perception may change, but it doesn’t neccessarily mean more business.


Chances are it was just a cost thing - the cost of the logistics to collect the fee was less than the revenue that it brought in. Also, it’s possible that leakage (the fee being waived for various reasons) and changes in customer behaviour led to revenue being less than anticipated.


If so, wouldn’t more airlines be removing the fee? I mean, US had so much trouble at PIT with baggage fees they stripped the curbside check-in, which angered many, many people.


These fees will affect the once a year leisure travelers (ie non elites) who are ignorant of this anyway. And if they do know, you can guarantee they are bringing a carry-on on.

So it may make sense. Yeah, these fees are annoying, but the big 20000+ mileage elites are exempt. I hope the airlines knock these fees off, but they may be seeing the same thing I am.