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Global Express Question

The designation on FAA.gov for a GLEX I saw the other day was BD-700-1A10. Is is the same for both the XRS and 5000, ro is one different than BD-700-1A10? How would I know the difference cosmetically between the two so I can know which one it was I saw. Thanks. Oh, also, it was built in 2001, so not sure if that helps.

The Type Certificate designator for the Global Express/XRS is BD-700-1A10. The FAA 7110.65, App A. Type Designator for ATC is GLEX.

The Type Certificate designator for the Global 5000 is BD-700-1A11. And the FAA 7110.65, App A. Type Designator for ATC is GL5T.

The XRS has upgraded and/or improved systems and an increased fuel capacity over the Global Express. The two are no different in dimension or physical appearance. The Global 5000 is about 5’ shorter, and has less fuel capacity, i.e; range. Systems, engines, and structure are otherwise essentially the same.

thank you much, appreciate the help!

Global 5000 & xrs came out post 2001, so most likely n originl GLEX

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While tracking on this site, it’s not uncommon to see a 5000 using the GLEX aircraft designation rather than GL5T.

One physical difference is the addition of a body fairing just forward of the wings. This covers the additional 1500 lb fuel tank for the extra fuel on the XRS. The 5000 is actually just 3 ft shorter, than the GLEX

  • Count the windows from the front of the plane back to the emergency exit.
  • The xrs has 3 large fin antenna on top. one toward the front of the a/c and 2 in the aft. The 5000 only has 2 of the fin antenna.
  • The foreward wing to fuselage fairing on a xrs is substantially longer due to the fuel tanks under them. Look at a side view of a xrs vs a 5000. the xrs the faring gradually goes foreward and down. the 5000 however comes over the wing and drops off very quickly.
  • The Naca scoops on the foreward wing to fuselage fairing appear further foreward on a 5000 than a xrs.