Gisele Bundchen Buys a Gulfstream G550


So what seiral number did she buy, I looked for past transactions over the last 3 months and none really pop out as me as being hers. No G550s going into Brazil or strange companies. … ivate-jet/


Well, I hope she knows that if people start thinking she’s ugly, or she gets in some sort of accident, she’ll be making $0 a year. She better start a G550 fund just in case. :laughing: :laughing:


OK found out its a delivery position for a 2010 G550.

Source: Boston Globe:

Gisele’s new jet
Gisele Bundchen has bought herself a sweet new ride, and we’re not talking about a sports car. Word is Tom Brady’s globe-trotting girlfriend has joined the ranks of the rich and famous who have their own jet. We’re told the supermodel, who spends a ton of time each year traveling to photo shoots around the world, has purchased a Gulfstream G550 for $50 million. The super-fast jet, which can carry up to 19 people, will enable Bundchen to bop from the US to Sao Paulo to Paris without worrying about connections or waiting in lines. We’re told the glamour girl settled on the Gulfstream G550 after looking at the Global Express XRS - the private jet preferred by Oprah Winfrey - the Falcon 7X, and a model made by a company in her native Brazil. It’ll be a while before she can board her fancy new bird. It won’t be ready until 2010.


Damn… 2010? Gulfstream told me mine would be ready in 2059. No fair.

Just couldn’t settle for a used jet eh?


A used one now will cost you more than a new one later…


I wonder if she’ll let Tom use it to run her errands?


Or, HIS errands…
“Sweety, could use the Gulfstream for the weekend? I need to go to a swimsuit photo shoot on some exotic beach…”
…And then there were three…9 months later…

(For those of you who didn’t get that, read up on Tom’s…uhh…passions)


Guess it’s time to polish up the old resume.


I tell you one thing if I were still with a former employer, she’d get no handling fees rolling that ride into my ramp…we’d settle up in other ways I’d figure out on the fly… :wink:

They say a picture is worth $1000…that could be the same for a handling fee :laughing:


sounds a little too big. 19 seats? She doesn’t need that big of a plane.


I’ll bet there is a management company that has her convinced they can charter and operate the airplane for her and make her gazillions of Cruzeros.


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The Scary thing is she has five sisters.


Yes she does. Most of the seats will be taken up by her ego.


Maybe she’ll custom order her plane with 19 1/3 seats…


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Not there’s anything wrong with that!!!


Nice shorts!!!

Oh yeah Gulfstream V, currently the 200th G-V/G500/G550 N990GA c/n 5200 rolled off the production line on June 17th. There are currently 172 G-V’s in service, and due to the lengthy wait for a new one, used G450’s and G550’s are selling for more than new ones.

Gulfstream’s G550 website