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General Connection issues?

Are we experiencing general connectivity issues?
Both of my devices are showing red buttons and the message that they haven’t been connected since several hours.

But both feeders were checked in a few seconds ago and also the stats are given.

Also the logs are giving successful results:

[2020-07-17 05:58 CEST] mlat-client(27763): Server status: synchronized with 267 nearby receivers
[2020-07-17 05:58 CEST] mlat-client(27763): Aircraft: 2 of 4 Mode S, 8 of 9 ADS-B used
[2020-07-17 05:58 CEST] mlat-client(27763): Results: 15.3 positions/minute
[2020-07-17 06:01 CEST] 6387075 msgs recv'd from dump1090-fa (258 in last 5m); 6384865 msgs sent to FlightAware

I’ve been getting intermittent error messages from the FA website when trying to get into the forum here.

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That was not the case for me so far.
All other feeds are also working without issues.

As also the stats are intact i would assume it’s a technical problem with showing the connect status properly.

Getting this now when trying to pull up my stats page.

That is still working for me, but the error is still there.

I assume the website is operated by a load balancer or cloud system. This could be the answer why it’s not working for you, but for me

It is a database issue affecting some of the piaware endpoints (health updates aren’t making it to the database; the primary flow of ADS-B data, and site stats, are unaffected). ops is looking at it now.


Thanks for quick response

The streak-obsessed can relax :slight_smile:

It seem to be back working :slight_smile:

Similar problem here where 4 of 6 feeders were showing red and were reported under the anomalies button as not feeding.

Two recovered without assistance and two recovered after piaware was restarted.


Now i am having the Error 504 too on the main webpage. Discussions forum is working and my feeders too

I am getting my stats page but no little cog wheel.

It is caused by your power utility not supplying full rated 110v ac. :wink:

The best way to get right answer in a forum is to post a wrong answer. :slight_smile:

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Our supply voltage is nominally 230V.

Current supply voltage is 234V which is within allowable supply tolerance.


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Power usage of my device the last 60 Minutes. Black line shows the voltage

My UPS is currently displaying 249v which is not unusual here in UK!

For a long as I can remember it was generally believed that UK was 20 volts higher than the rest of Europe. Electrical equipment marketed to Europe occasionally had a 220/240 switch.
However a bureaucratic voltage harmonisation programme to standardise the voltage at 230v came up with the solution of just widening the tolerances.
So UK is actually 230v -6% to +10% and rest of Europe 230v -10% to +6%
So in practice the supply can be 207v to 253v and still be within specification.
But the uk is still nominally 240v, whatever the politicians may have you believe :wink:

This line of conversation has strayed a little from the thread title: apologies.

As the problem itself seem to be resolved, i am good if you hijack that thread :wink:

Germany is running their electric power usually at 235V, even if its nominal power is stated as 220V/230V, documented on many of the electric devices you can connect directly.

I hadn’t noticed the red button issue, but some of the local feeders are showing nothing on the [Hourly Received Reports] for the last couple of hours. Everything else seems OK (logs, performance graphs, plots).

Seem to be that the problems are still unresolved. All good, but the hourly stats are not updating since two hours