G36 down at Hawthorne

G36 down at Hawthorne … 3 dead.



Why would this plane be an experimental?

Model: G36 Search all Raytheon Aircraft Company G36
Year built: 2005
Construction Number (C/N): E-3643
Number of Seats: 6
Number of Engines: 1
Engine Manufacturer and Model: Cont Motor IO-550 SERIES
Also Registered As: 410RW
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Registration Type: Corporation
Owner: Carpet Pros Inc
Address: Lawndale, CA 90260
United States
Region: Western-Pacific
Certification Class: Experimental
Certification Issued: 2008-06-12
Air Worthiness Test: 2005-10-03
Last Action Taken: 2008-06-12
Current Status: Valid

Gotta be an error…

Or a horrible experiment. :cry:

I’ve seen a few experimental Bonanzas but they definitely weren’t owned/operated by a corporation.

3 pilots doing T&G’s and went down “200 yds” short? That sucks…

FAA Registry says its registration type is corporation.

Could this be the reason it’s experimental? Because of “experimental” fuel?

G36 Bonanza

That’s pretty interesting… but who in their right mind would plunk down big $$$ for a new “experimental” Bonanza? How’s that insurance rate working out for you? I guess if you’re running 100LL in it it’s all business as usual? Weird.

And Dami, the “experimental” refers to aircraft’s Certification Class, not registration…

To clear the issue - the plane was NOT experimental - it is an error. I was the original owner that purchased it new from the factory. It was manufactured in 2005 but was actually a 2006 model (possibly another error on the files). I flew it for about 300 hours and sold it 14 months ago. Never had any issues beyond air conditioning not working or regular maint. It was services by Beechcraft under their ongoing service program. I still can not believe that my bird is gone and 3 people were killed - I hope the NTSB report comes out soon and with a clear understanding of what happened so the families can have closure.

Sorry to hear… this news must be hard to process.

Did N618MW have the Turbo when you owned it, or was it added after it was sold?

Interesting… This AD, 2009-15-01 becomes effective Monday 27 July, 2009. The applicable serial numbers includes the accident aircraft, E-3643.

Summary of the AD:

*We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (Type Certificate previously held by Raytheon Aircraft Company) Model G36 airplanes. This AD requires you to inspect for any improper installation and/or chafing of the P60/J60 electrical connector, associated wiring, and fuel line and, if found, correct the installation and replace damaged parts. This AD results from reports of chafing between the wire harness/connector(s) and fuel line. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct chafing between the wire harness/connector(s) and fuel line. This chafing could lead to fuel leaking into the cockpit and fire in the cockpit if wiring arcs through the fuel line. *

Very sad, I will pray for you and the families involved.

I hate to play the Devil’s Advocate, but it seems obvious that they went down while flying the pattern (on short final). 3 Pilots doing T&G’s? Unfortunately I think someone messed up.

I’m not dismissing other possibilities…I just found the AD rather ironic.