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G20 BNE planes

Hello everyone!

My name is AVgeek45, and it has been a few weeks since I’ve started my account here. As you might have seen the topic title, today I will discuss the aircraft that were in Brisbane Airport for the G20.

OK, let’s get this started. The first aircraft I believed that landed in BNE for the summit was a Saudi Arabian Boeing 777-200. It carried Saudi delegation to the summit. It was originally due to fly in on November 2 at 8:10 pm, but was delayed by 24 hours and arrived the next day at 11:15 pm from Singapore under the callsign SVA7379. Was this actually the first aircraft that landed, or did a different aircraft land before?

Anyone? Does anyone know if this was the first aircraft or did another one land before?

Is everyone asleep??? No one’s responding!

You’ve asked a very narrow question with limited info (are you talking about the 2014 summit?); expecting to find someone with similar interests in 24 hours is probably optimistic. Maybe you can describe your own research?

Yes, I am talking about the 2014 summit, and I want to discuss the aircraft that were in Brisbane Airport for the summit(not to be rude). OK then, let’s give this a go, here’s what I know so far:

According to skyscrapercity.com, it is said that the first aircraft that would land in Brisbane for the summit was a Saudi Arabian 777 from Singapore. It was registered HZ-AKF and was flying under the callsign SVA7379. It was originally due in on the 2nd November at 2010 hours, but was delayed by 24 hours and arrived at 2315 hours the next day. After a few hours, it went back to Singapore.

Along with the 777, a Saudi G450 with the rego HZ-103 also landed, but they didn’t say from where and what callsign it was flying under. Can anybody “fill in the gaps” of this question, and (if you can) add some more info on, e.g. why the 777 made a pit stop in BNE and went back to SIN?

It’s appreciated!

Why is everyone ignoring me? I just want an answer to the question I asked. It’s not like I’m some sort of bad person or something, can someone just answer?

As said before, you’re asking a very specific question about an event five years ago, I don’t think you’re being ignored, I suspect nobody knows the answer.

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I’m surprised this question hasn’t come up before.


I understand you, maybe I can feed you information so you will know as well.

Here is what I know so far:

Saudi Arabian B772 HZ-AKF SIN-BNE
Saudi Medevac GLF5 HZ-MS5B N/A-BNE
Rossiya IL-96 RA-96018 TSN-BNE
Saudia Cargo B744F TC-ACF N/A-BNE
Brazil Air Force E190 FAB2590 N/A-BNE
Russia Cargo Unit Il-76 RA-76669 SUB-BNE
Fortune Air B722 ZS-PVX DRW-BNE
Aviation Link A319 VP-CMJ N/A-BNE
Saudi Air Force B737 HZ-101 N/A-BNE
Mexican Navy GLF5 ANX-1207 PPT-BNE
Adani E135 VT-AML N/A-BNE
Brazil Air Force A319 FAB2101 CGK-BNE
Saudi Arabian B74S HZ-HM1C SIN-BNE
Saudi Arabian A342 HZ-HMS2 SIN-BNE
Turkey Government A333 TC-TUR CGK-BNE
US Air Force B752 90003 N/A-BNE
French Air Force A342 F-RAJA SIN-BNE
Mexican Air Force B752 XC-UJM PPT-BNE
Korean Air Force B744 10001 NYT-BNE
Air India B744 VT-EVA NMT-BNE
Japanese Air Force B744 20-1102 NRT-BNE
Japanese Air Force B744 20-1101 NRT-BNE
RAAF CL604 A37-003 CBR-BNE
Indonesian Air Force B738 A-001 DPS-BNE
RAAF B737 A36-002 CBR-BNE
Cat Aviation (opf. Argentine Government) FA7X HB-JSS CHC-BNE
Spanish Air Force A313 T.22-2 N/A-BNE
Mauritania Airlines B737 5T-CLC PHE-BNE
Rossiya IL-96 RA-96019 N/A-BNE
German Air Force A343 16+02 N/A-BNE
Air China B744 B-2472 PEK-BNE
Canadian Armed Forces A313 15001 ANC-BNE
Italian Air Force A319 MM62234 N/A-BNE
US Air Force B742 92-9000 N/A-BNE
Delta B772 N864DA RGN-BNE
French Air Force A332 240 SIN-BNE

My hands are now aching after all of that typing! If you know any other info (its alright if you don’t) please add it. Hope you liked this little scoop!