Funny aircraft registrations thread


Either the registration or the owner.


Yes, these were done on purpose and not because the French don’t know the English equivalent. :slight_smile:


We had a customer when I was in Fresno that his King Air wqas registred as WTF Corporation. :smiley:



Phil Knight’s (founder of Nike) Gulfstream V is N1KE

IndyCar’s CRJ-700 is N1RL (the league was founded as th IRL) (this aircraft is also used for Hulman & Co. business).


I’ve stood on N1KE. Phills Golf clubs where in the back 8)


Jimmy John’s Learjet 45 N15UB (SUB) :



Spells Nissan and is Nissan’s G550.


not terribly funny, but along the same lines as some of the witty reg. posts, the State of Illinois has a few King Air s all ending in 1LL. I believe on is 911LL and their ATC callsign is 91 Illinois


For state business, my governor uses King Air N10EC.


Betcha it’s Tennessee! That’s a good reg!


N10SE works too ! … ertxt=10SE

And this somehow got past the UK’s CAA :open_mouth:


I think Mississippi State U used to have a king air registered as N350MS


IIRC, all of New Jersey’s aircraft have N numbers that end in NJ. For a certainty all of the rotary aircraft do, especially our iconic Sikorsky S-76 med-evacs.


Once upon a time California had a Citation, N31ST. Of course they used November thirty first on the radio.


I hate hawkers but this one sat around work for a long time as a repo i believe. nice to see its getting some use once again.
Kinda looks like IBONE lol


One day i seen a mouse scurrying down runway 26.

and a Canadian registered Gulfstream 5 CGLFV. … tes/page/1



#18 seen a few times at BJC


Yeah that one’s based here at KSEE. It’s blocked, but is quite active.
Another funny owner at KSEE:
Although I’ll admit “Pissed Away” is pretty good…

Note to Admin: The above N164S reg page has some missing data. Is this a bug or an FAA flub? It’s a PC12.



A/C is 1985 Dornier Seastar
Oh, and JHEM, most of NJ’s Civil Air Patrol planes end with NJ