Fri SWA491 FLL-MCO (Southwest has a cloaking device?)


Just saw that Southwest deployed their cloaking device for this
flight at 5:56 PM EDT has kept it on till wheels down at 6:20 PM EDT.
Ha Ha Ha. What do you think really happened here?


Similarly, Scott Crossfield’s ill-fated flight stops abruptly and is falsely reported as having “arrived 2 days ago”. One might hastily conclude that SWA491 suffered the same fate. But alas, she is up and flying the next leg to PIT as I type here, and nothing in the news about such an event. Sorry - I don’t have an answer but would also like to know what happened…


In addition to SWA491, SWA 365 in from Ft Myers (RSW) also
stopped in mid-flight and then arrived at 7:17 EDT. Next leg
Midway. Does Orlando have radar coverage SE of the area?