Final Leg of SWA1111 on March 14th

This leg is currently being affected by tornado warning issued
in Cleveland till 8:15 PM EDT 031407 (0015Z 031507)
that took off from MDW at 6:14 CDT (2314Z 031407)

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B0 is the storm.

Interestingly enough, I just got back from a quick run to the DQ, and I noticed several a/c coming from SE to NW, which is a little bit “around” the normal CLE arrival patterns that I see over Medina (my city). It was kind of neat to see them flying out and around the big menacing thunderhead (kind of hard to pinpoint it, since it was getting dark quickly) to the north of us, then dropping in what seemed like a somewhat steeper descent than “normal.” It may have just been the angle of perspective. Anyhow, I can pretty much guarantee that this was one of 'em that I saw.
I have a feeling the “tornado” warning was just law enforcement officers being a little jumpy though. Even the local news stations kept it low-key.