Free up cpu?

I am having a problem with my MLAT ?
I get this message when I try to use it?
How do I go about freeing up my CPU ?save

Are you completely sure that your location is correct and therefore to blame the CPU?

Well,I put in my lat & lon and it shows it properly on the map ?

Looking at neighbouring sites, there probably just aren’t enough of them for MLAT to work.
Also, your range isn’t great. Is your antenna indoors or low?

Have a look at the gain optimisation posts. They can really help with range and aircraft count.

It could be my location? I @ 7200 feet in the white mountains of N.E. Arizona.About 190 miles N.E. of Phoenix.

My antenna is @ 22 feet above the house…and in the clear.I am going to install it on my vhf/uhf side band antenna tower as soon as the weather breaks up here.That will put it @ 50 feet in the clear…

Thanks for your reply…


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A clear sky view should get you 200NM. I am only 80ft amsl and can get that far, in my good direction.

Yes,it shows I am only seeing out around 150 miles.

I will have to wait for a while to get the antenna up at a higher location and more in the clear?

I think in one of my junk boxes in the WELL KNOWN ( ham radio ) closet I have some pre-amps that will cover the 1090 freq. ?

They are good low noise gas fet pre-amps.I might try one of those until I can get the antenna work done here.

I noticed if I do a Piware update or upgrade and restart Piware when I refresh the screen(program) that my MLAT box is in the green state ?

And it shows me receiving from average 20 -22 other receivers?

But the first time the software does an update( it seems to do that every 10 mins.) as soon as it goes through the update

my MLAT box returns to the red state?

It does NOT help that I am a real NEWBIE at all of this mode !!

I’ve been a ham for almost 40 years now and like to try different things to keep my old brain perking !

Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.

Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

How did you wire this? Are you using an active repeater USB cable? If so, it’s probably your issue. There was a kernel issue on Raspberry Pi 2 (not all Pi models) which could cause this problem (if you haven’t updated your system).

Hi,I just noticed on the Welcome to Piaware 3.5.3 status screen under is shows this ?
Multilateration : warning:Local clock source is unstable.

I am not sure what this is telling me ??
Anyway thought I would post this…

Steve / N7DPX

I’m not sure what you mean by “active repeater USB cable” ?I am using the Raspberry Pi 3 here…

Steve / N7DPX

Are you connecting the radio (The dongle) via a USB cable? If yes, specifically what cable are you using? Some longer USB cables have repeaters which will cause the data to get out of order and/or partly dropped.

OK,I understand now what you were meaning.

No, I am using the FlightAware pro stick plus dongle,plugged directly

into the Raspberry Pi 3 unit.

And you’re using an unmodified SD card image?

Yes,as far as I know it is unmodified ?

It was sent to me via snail mail from a member in

the Phoenix area to help me get up and running?

Steve / N7DPX

Things seem to be running OK here, except for the MLAT data?
But then again as I said I am real new at this !

maybe there are some process that use cpu? because with my feeder based on Orange pi Zero (allwinner h3 quadcore) i reach easly 72% of CPU load. pls using command “top” on linux , verify the cpu load

Hi, I decided to go through the whole setup and settings AGAIN !

As far as the CPU being unstable,I’m not sure what that was all about ?

I triple checked my LAT & LON and decided to check with a new site to

get my exact location ?

I plugged in the new LAT & LON figures and now it is showing me synchronized with

56 nearby receivers. And the MLAT box is staying green all the time

now after it has done several updates .

SO I GUESS the LAT & LON figures I was inputting were just corrupt in some fashion?

Its NICE to see things running smother at this point after as I said several updates !!

I will keep my eye on it through out the day to see if it stays running smooth ?

THANKS again to ALL of your replies to my on going issues here in Arizona.

Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

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