Framed vs non framed large maps

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Is the first large map without being framed by the browser the wave of the future? I like the first map myself…

**Frameless **

**Framed by browser **

I use a Mac always get the first one

The older maps use a popup, the newer maps do the fancy javascript in the current window.


When you say older maps, do you mean in the history part of a tail number?

Oddly enough, when I click on (random flight) when I click on the map to get the big version, today, it opened a new tab in Firefox (not even a new window?)

When I click on on the big map, I don’t get the fancy javascript in the current window. I get the framed by browser picture as displayed in my original message. Flight was pretty current?? on 11/27?

I meant the maps we’ve had available for a long time (airport, flight) are new windows, while the newer maps (fleet, type) are in-window javascript.

New tab vs new window could be a preference in Firefox or just a bug.

It is a preference in FF. Under Options, I have mine set to “new tab” for “new page” which I would believe is a global setting.

I don’t believe there is any website specific settings I can set?

No biggie naturally since either display works great, just passing on a preference of mine :smiley: