Flightaware on Chrome - a few minor issues

Hello admins :smiley:

Minor issue #1
Would it be possible to make the large map appear in a new tab instead of forcing a new window? It opens in a new tab in Opera (and probably other browsers too?) but Chrome forces it to open in a new window and there doesn’t appear to be a right-click ‘open in new tab’ option available here… :confused:

Minor issue #2
The homepage is justified up in the top left corner in Chrome which looks amateurish and ‘not right’. Also, the frames are all out of shape especially along the bottom where there’s a whole bunch of lines and boxes that do not meet up with one another.

How do you get Firefox to open the map in a new tab instead of a new window? I have Firefox set up additional windows in tabs instead. Yet, I cannot get it to open the maps in a new tab. I don’t see a “open in new tab” option when I right click the map nor does it work when I use ctrl-left click.

Was that question to me? If so I never mentioned Firefox… If you meant to say Opera however… the answer is I don’t know. It just opens in a new tab when I click on expand map icon in the bottom right corner of the smaller map.

To be truthful, I was asking you. But, like you said, you didn’t mention Firefox.

Let me modify the question and ask it of FlgihtAware: is it possible to set up the map so that I can open the maps in a new tab rather window.

I did find a work-around. When the map opens in a new window, drag the FlightAware icon back to the original window.

#1 is browser controlled; some browsers allow you to set where new pages open.

#2 We can’t reproduce, can you post a screenshot? Which version of Chrome are you using? Any plug-ins?