Open link in new tab


Any way to get the link to open in a new tab (Firefox)?



I’ve requested this ever since the “new, improved” forum went up. Of all of the forums I’m on, this is the only one that doesn’t open a link in a new tab or window.


Right click, I am using Firefox, you can open link in new tab or window.


Yea, but we shouldn’t have to. Should click link and have it automatically open new tab/window.

You can press down on the scroll wheel in Firefox and open the link in a new tab.


Same as any other website, right click and choose tab or window.


Holding down control while clicking also works.


Yes, the scroll wheel will open in a new tab
Yes, right click - open in new tab will work
Yes, ctrl-click will do the same thing

it use to be the default: left click a link and the link opens in a new tab, like just about EVERY OTHER forum program.

Isn’t there something you can do to restore this functionality or did the “upgraded” version of the forum software do away with this very useful and user-friendly functionality?


We’d rather give users the choice of where the link opens rather than decide for them. By not setting it as the default the user can choose. If we set all links to open in new tabs, the user has no way to make the link open in the same tab.


Then give the user the choice to make the default himself. In other words, in the user control panel there should be an option to say where the link should be opened - same window or different.