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FR24 local web interface not accessible

Not a specific question regarding FA, but FR24, maybe someone knows the answer here already.
Since a few days i cannot access my local settings page for FR24, it only shows the message below.

I’ve tried to add the command line which is displayed and restarted the FR24Feed, but it is stioll not working:

For security reasons the web interface is only availble from private class networks or after you have manually specified the bind-interface setting in /etc/fr24feed.ini

Please set it to bind-interface="" to accept traffic from all interfaces or to the IP address of your preferred network interface!

For further assistance please contact support@fr24.com

Any idea?

There’s a thread in the FR24 forum. They pushed ver 1.0.26-5 to fix it yesterday. Sudo apt update/upgrade or other install method should fix (if not auto-pushed). When I checked I was already at 1.0.26-5.

In the FR24 forum thread, an FR24 person says the bind-interface setting is no longer required. So don’t waste your time in /etc/fr24feed.ini.

Thanks, but if it’s not required any longer, how will access work now?
My device does not report an update available

EDIT: Needed to run update manually, not it works again

I think bind-interface was a bug with .26-4 which pushed a couple days ago. The new update rolls back that “feature” I guess. No mention of bind-interface in my fr24feed.ini when I checked.

after the update it works for me. I was also confused not having the setting in my ini file

Based on various threads here and there, I think FR24 is having some issues this week. My FR24 feed went offline twice today, I think maybe after reboots or possibly after some “restart airspy_adsb dump1090-fa” events. Just a few minutes ago I added a bash script to have crontab restart fr24feed 1 minute after reboot. Who knows…

what is output of this command?

apt policy fr24feed


I have no problem on any of my 3 Pis.
On all 3 Pis I get this (1.0.26-5 is latest version of FR24):

$ apt policy fr24feed 

  Installed: 1.0.26-5
  Candidate: 1.0.26-5
  Version table:
 *** 1.0.26-5 500
        500 http://repo.feed.flightradar24.com flightradar24/raspberrypi-stable armhf Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Same as yours.

Nothing changed on my side recently beyond the standard Pi apt updates. There is a thread around here stating FR24 is working on a problem with feeds stopping and networking issues.

I’ve seen FR24 go offline a few times in the past couple of days. It is not a local problem. My other feeders have been up 100% of the time.

But that has nothing to do with the message delivered locally on the feeder device

Although all my RPis have latest version (1.0.26-5) of fr24feed, feed is abnormal today.

My feeder is OK, as I checked on IP-of-PI:8754

It is FR24 who is losing data, and I am not loosing anything, so I don’t bother and don’t increase my blood pressure unnecessarily. :wink:



Not sure why you would subject yourself to that regardless. We’re augmenting their service after all. :wink:

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If they are not working for a certain period, clients will go away. So it’s their interest to get this fixed asap.

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