Former KAL 744

Picked this flight up on my pi this morning. Thought it was quite interesting coming across Europe: … 0418/1223Z

Airfleets reports that KAL tail number HL7472 has been stored since 7/2016 and it to be delivered to MaxAir.

Question… refit/paint/etc is happening in AZ. (Pima?? or where ever). Question is, where would this have been stored up and until now.

Also find it interesting that it didn’t show up to Flightaware until it was in range of the US.

Search by the tail and there is some coverage earlier out of western Africa

Thanks Oliver… I thought I had done that but, doh… I hadn’t…

So it landed Pinal (not Pima… lol) Where are the Mideast locations like Pinal and Vacaville? In Europe at all?