For those with a good knowledge of US places

Can anyone tell me what the nearest US mainland airport/airfield is to the sea under this route please?


The closest I can think of is Myrtle Beach (MYR) - just up the road from me. It appears the flight path took it just south of MYR, if I’m reading your question correctly.
Edit: Its path also took it just north of Georgetown (GGE). It’s path is almost centered between the two.

Thanks WT, that’s great.

Use the map zoom and select the sectional chart view and you get this:

That’s what I did too Needle, but I’m too lazy to copy the pic, paste it into my photobucket (or other hosting site), copy the link and then paste it back into here. … 9,type=Map

Now that’s a new one Robb - thanks. Hey - is there any database of even lesser known airstrips? (I doubt it probably) I’ve got a concrete airstrip in the woods across the street from my neighborhood - as the crow flies, probably less than a half mile away. But other than finding the land owner through county records (a very rich, well known family) and seeing the rare single engine on approach, I can’t find any history on it or what it’s used for.

Is it on this list?

Nope - forcing me to use my photobucket :laughing:

Like I said, it’s a VERY wealthy family’s airstrip; I guess they use it when they come into town. According to our county website, it’s centered on about 25k acres sandwiched between 2 rivers here in Charleston ($$$). The way I found it - about a year ago I saw a Cirrus fly over my house (extremely low) looking like it was going to crash and I saw him circle over the area in question. I told my gf that the plane was going down (she dismissed me as crazy) and the next day, sure enough, I read where a pilot had been killed in a Cirrus landing at MKS. The paper said that he took off from CHS, declared an emergency and tried to land at a private airstrip, but was unable and headed to MKS where he crashed on approach. I looked it up on Google Earth to see if there was an airstrip around and found this. Less than a mile away and never knew it was there. I just didn’t know if there was any way to find any other info about it - I’ve researched everything I could think of - it doesn’t appear on anything. If you want to see a larger scale, search for “sarah lincoln rd, charleston sc” on google maps and it’ll put you on top of it. They’ve got quite the setup out there. (I would post the coordinates, but the coordinates GE is giving me aren’t right - it’s putting me out over the ocean.) I see cars occasionally come and go and thought about stopping and talking to them, but I don’t know what they’d think when they hear “So, I was looking at your property on Google Earth and saw an airstrip…” :laughing:

Sorry to hijack the thread guys. :smiley: