Princess Juliana Airport


If you are a true airplane fanatic I highly recommend a visit to St. Maarten in the Dutch West Indies. Princess Juliana airport and Maho Beach is ideal for people who love airplanes. On approach to the airport they literally fly just feet over your head just before touchdown. If you can’t visit the island, go to Youtube, search for Princess Juliana, and watch some videos there.

You won’t believe it!



Yes that airport is pretty popular among aviation enthusiast.


Here’s a GREAT COLLECTION of landings there! I think the bizjet at 2:05 is about 3 inches above ditching! I’m surprized he didn’t clip the fence.

Anyone know anything about the hotels there? Which ones are closest and/or have the best view of the field?


Todays Life Magazine had a couple photos of planes taking off and landing. Though the online edition only says “Grab your daquiri and duckthis idyllic Caribbean beach is just across the street from a landing strip.” No pics on the online edition.


There aren’t any hotels right next to the airport IIRC, but there are several very nice beach resorts within walking distance.


There are also some great videos of St. Maarten on


I’ve seen a hotel called The Sonesta in the background of many of those close-ups taken from the beach bar area. I think some pics like this one were taken from there. Here’sa pic of the hotel. I’m not sure if The Islander Club is the smaller white hotel in front or if it’s a restaurant, etc.


AAAHHHHhhhhh… THAT would be AWESOME to see a 747 go whizzin’ by your hotel room so close! I’m gonna look into that.