Flying Piston Aircraft to South America


I would like to fly from Key West to Ushuaia on the tip of South America down and back on the west coast of the South American continent. This will be in a piston aircraft. It is intended to stay on the coast instead of tackling high elevations in the Andes. Can anyone provide any information on flight permitting by country, and special documentation, expected airport fees, availability of avgas, customs protocols etc. Alternatively, can anyone suggest a good firm that could coordinate the paperwork and handling for me? I am having a hard time finding information about flying general aviation aircraft in South America. Any tips, leads or contacts much appreciated. Thank you.


Check the IFIM at

The FAA’s international aviation section is at


I’d Reccomend having a company like Colt do your flight planning and setting up customs, over-flight permits etc.
I have traveled to south America more times the. I can count and it’s not a place you want to go a d try and do your own handling.


I´m based on SCEL on Chile and have made several trips to and from tha states on diferent types. Will be glad to help.
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Hi I am Pilot and we bring a Baron from USA to Montevideo last year as lot of aircrafts did since USA crisis. I sugested you some points, 1 Choose east South America coast or Atlantic side , lower terrain than Andes side 2 Trait to dont fly over Venezuela, Colombia or Surinam there are legal less countries to do it and do not land there, 3 You have to get a Brazil fly permision paper prior to fly in Brazil ( same as EUA admition document to fly a foreing aircraft), 4 Evit rain season in Amazonas and 5 Do not fly in bad weather. Is a wonderful experience. Good look


Hi Warren - could we get an update on this? Did you go or are you still planning on doing so? If you decided not to for some reason(s), please share that as well. A trip through South America is something I hope to be able to do by small plane and boat someday.


hope all your queries have been solved…


I am a student pilot and also would like to treck the same journey in a single piston w/ my kids. So Venezuela is out of the question? Why? I don’t watch much tv so please school me on why. I would also like to know how your journey went so please keep us informed. Thanks much…


It’s not out of the question- just plan way ahead, it takes time to get a landing permit


niiice… Thank you