A video of my awesome landing in Carmelo Uruguay!!!



Check it out!


I trust you made it back into the U.S. with your load without detection from the D.E.A. :laughing:


nice landing on a sweet runway.


Haha :laughing: Well I didn’t go to Columbia you know. But I’m in Buenos Aires right now. Then back to the US. :laughing: :laughing: More South American landing videos to come. I landed a piper today. Beautiful flight!


Good stuff! 8)
For your future reference, we do have a members video thread on the forums. You can post videos at:
Happy New Year!


Some videos from the beaches would be well received here too! :wink:


Click Here for video Mature audience/not good for work!!!

Argentina version of Dancing with the Stars . . . .

Argentinian Cessna Mustang LV-CBO though I’d ad the Mustang to keep the post aviation related!!


Si Si mucho caliente!