FlightXML3 Beta: Missing MapFlight / mapping / images


Hi, our project needs the mapping capability that is currently available in FlightXML2 via the MapFlight and MapFlightEX calls. I assume this will be made available in FlightXML3? We are currently using FlightXML2 for development, but we need monthly pricing instead of per-call, and want to make sure this will be available before we continue development.




Yes it will definitely be included in FlightXML3. We’re trying to see if we can embed dynamic maps like we use on the web site in addition to the static maps we currently offer. As we begin releasing those methods we’ll post about it here in the forums.


Great thanks. Will the dynamic maps require an internet connection? We may be deploying to an environment where the client machines do not have internet connectivity.


I’m not 100% sure what we have in mind yet for those. They’d probably require an internet connection though, but you could always just use the static maps for your application in that case.


Any news about this topic? When will the method be available in FlightXML3? Any prevision?
By the way, is this missing method the corresponded one to the “Maps and Imagery” feature available for ones who subscribe Silver package?

I’m asking this because I’m about to subscribe Silver package, but firstly I have to be sured you can give this feature, and also describe more crearly How to implement it by an example.

In my case, I just want to show a specific flight on a map and integrate it on my Site.

Thanks in advance.


The functionality is not currently available on FlightXML3 and there is no definitive date that the feature will be made available. You should be able to pull the data from FlightXML2, however.


That’s sad :frowning:

When I created the account, it was assigned an api for flightxml3 version. I did not have any option to choose the version. I think till flightxml3 version turned a stable version, you could liberate a possibility to use both apis versions. As from what I saw in some post in this forum, you suggested to downgrade the version to xml2, but even in this case, I dont know how to do it. It also cames against your recommendation of upgrading to xml3 version as you describe in your page.
Can you make possible, without any extra costs associated, to use both api keys depending on the method we are requesting?

In your site you have:
“Additionally, since some aspects of the FlightXML 3.0 API are not yet finalized, some aspects of the service should be expected to change between now and the official production launch. This may require modifications to any applications designed against the beta version of the API. The time period for official production launch of FlightXML 3.0 is Q3 2017.”

I was expecting you will delivered a stable version at least at the end of this year… but I’m seeing that you dont have a clue on when you’ll release a stable version… :frowning:



You should be able to get a key for FXML2 at the following link. https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/key. Please let me know if you are not able to do that.

If you get a FXML2 key, the charges are per query, and with some results, similar to FXML3, are charged per every 15 results.


Do I have to disable first the FXML3 api key? I dont see any link to get a KEY for FXML2!
Do you allow a way to have simultaneously both api keys??


No you can have both keys simultaneously. It appears that you dont have a credit card on file, which is why you cannot get the fxml2 key. There is a link on the page that I sent you too earlier, and it says to enter your credit card to add a new key.


Thanks, It was indeed the credid card data that was missing.