FlightXML3 - AirportBoards - Cancelled Flights


Would cancelled flights only ever appear in scheduled flights?

FlightXML3: AirportBoards - cancelled flights in section 'arrivals'?

Yes I wouldn’t expect to see them in any of the other categories unless we temporarily have them enroute or departed because they left the gate, then cancelled before takeoff.


So they won’t show in FlightInfoStatus either? Meaning querying AirlineFlightSchedules for departuretime == -1 is the only way to determine if a flight has been cancelled?


They would appear in FlightInfoStatus with cancelled set to true. For example for UCA4923 there was a flight cancellation for flight UCA4923-1502429146-airline-0331. For that flight the cancelled field is set to true.


Are you sure? I just tried the following request:


and am seeing this response:

{"error":"NOTFOUND: Failed to load flight"}


Ok yes apparently if you pass in a faFlightID for the ident we do not return the cancelled flight. I just pushed a fix for that so it’ll be fixed sometime next week.


Great, thanks! FYI it also doesn’t work if you pass in ident@departureEpoch:


^ returns the same “NOTFOUND: Failed to load flight” error.


Yep that one uses the same function too which I updated so they’ll both be fixed.