Cancelled flights data - flight numbers

I’m curious if anyone has a recommendation for the easiest method for finding the flight numbers (or tail numbers) of cancelled flights for the current day to a given destination?

I’ve been attempting to query AirportBoards, but I’m not seeing the results I’d expect based on the number of cancellations returned from FlightCancellationStatistics. From what I can tell, ‘enroute’ only covers flights actually in flight to a destination, and ‘arrivals’ only covers flights that have arrived, which seems to create a gap for where to find cancelled flight data.

Or, is the only option a combination of AirlineFlightSchedules for my destination and FlightInfoStatus for everything inbound?

Any input is appreciated.

We currently don’t have a great way to view that as the “cancelled” flights would be in the scheduled section but we are excluding them in the current setup. We’re having discussions on how me mights want to address that as we work on the next phase of FlightXML3, but it’s early still and I don’t have any details. I’ll include your comments in the internal discussion though.

Thanks! Much appreciated.