FlightXML3 - FlightCancellationStatistic - Data issue


Trying to figure out how to determine delayed & cancelled flights.

Looking at Manchester yesterday (27/07) I see there are delays from Brussels and 3 total flights:
flightxml.flightaware.com/json/ … ilter=EGCC

"matching" => array:15 ▼
      1 => array:5 ▼
        "ident" => "EBBR"
        "description" => "Brussels"
        "cancellations" => 0
        "delays" => 2
        "total" => 3

Trying to get more data i used this to get flights between the 2 airports:
flightxml.flightaware.com/json/ … ation=EGCC

According to that there were 6 flights yesterday (27/07) - Why does that not match the 3 flights from FlightCancellationStatistics?

3 of those flights have a “departure_delay” - Why does that not match the 2 flights from FlightCancellationStatistics?

What counts as a delay in the system?


I believe we only consider a flight delayed if it’s more than ~15 minutes behind it’s scheduled time.

The duplication of flights may be due to code shares. I know we have a bug related to that that we are investigating now.