FlightXML3: AirportBoards - cancelled flights in section 'arrivals'?



I used method AirportBoards with airport_code MCO. From discussion on link below I expected that cancelled flights will appear in section ‘scheduled’ (or may be en-route/departured temporarily).

But flight with faFlightID:“JBU1887-1509082001-airline-0104” is appeared in section ‘arrivals’ with cancelled:true and non-zero arrival_delay (although estimated and actual arrival times are -1 (epoch). Also it has status:“result”.

What does it mean?


If the airport you are calling is the destination of the cancelled flight, it will appear in arrivals for 1 day. If the airport you are calling is the origin, it will appear in scheduled for 2 hours. Not sure why these are the limits, but that is where the cancelled flight will appear for AirportBoards.


Thank you for response. One more question: why this flight has non-zero arrival delay and what does status ‘result’ mean?


There is a bug that truncates that status. It should read “Result Unknown”. The arrival delay is likely the delay that had cumulated up to the time of cancellation.


Could you please look at flight ASH6313-1508477260-airline-0007? I make calling AirportBoards for IAD (it’s origin airport for this flight) and find this flight in departures, although it was cancelled, it should be departured on 22.10, but it is still in response