Flights at the airport not matching those online


SO, we were at BNA and looked up on the departures board and saw American Airlines flight to SFO, USAirways to PWM, SW to ISP. These flights do not show up on Flightaware or on BNA’s website or on the airlines’ website, so why are they operating?


Probably because they are one (or more) stop flights to those destinations. The trend today in airport flight status boards seems to be to list all cities to/from the airports without telling if those flights have stops enroute.

Looking at the timetables, I found the following:
AAL529: BNA-SFO 1 stop (DFW)
USA BNA-PWM: Couldn’t find any direct flights between BNA and PWM on any airlne
SWA426: 1 stop (BWI)
SWA2370: 1 stop (MDW)
SWA266: 1 stop (MDW)


Was there a second airport that may have scrolled through and you didn’t see it? It is possible that the same flight number continues on from another airport in between.


No, I dont think so, because I also looked at the check-in desk at the gate and saw these cities and airlines.


You wouldn’t happen to have flight numbers, would you?

There is also the possibility of the same aircraft, while changing flight numbers, could be going to those cities. I have heard of airports (SNA) doing that to let passengers know that if they are going on from city B to city C, they don’t have to change planes.


No I didn’t, we were in a hurry to get to the baggage carosouel.


See edit above…


Oh, ok that makes sense, thanks.