FlightAware site buggy


I tried a couple of times to add planes on my profile and no luck. Also been getting some errors for maintenance. Unsure if related. Anyone else having issues?


“We are experiencing problems serving webpages and are working to resolve it ASAP.”


I have trouble periodically finding flights. Most recently I’m trying to find flight UA 2083 on Mar 6, but the FA app doesn’t list this flight operating since 2/23, yet I’m boarding this flight in a few hours. I run into this occasionally, there seems to be some random flights missing.


This one that is scheduled for an hour and 58 minutes from now?



After talking to a flight attendant I suspect it was an irregular flight and they were positioning a 777 to deal with cancellations. I rebooked that flight after my earlier flight was cancelled, so United may have created the flight only shortly before I searched for it on FlightAware. Now that I’m home I can see the SFO - IAH leg that wasn’t showing up earlier.