Flightaware United Airlines Fleet Overview Issues



Don’t know if this has been reported or not today but for whatever reason flightaware keeps crashing when I go to view all United flights in the air. I’ve looked out other operators to test the function and they worked.

Figured I pass it along and see if it can be rectified soon.


UAL works for me (Firefox).


flightaware.com/live/fleet/UAL works here. What do you mean “FlightAware keeps crashing”?


For whatever reason yesterday when I searched UAL the script stopped responding. I tried it on Goggle Chrome (my primary browser) and IE in addition to the Kindle Fire. All the same result. Today however, I was able to track UAL but it was kinda slow.

Basically I tried it on three different computers and browsers during various times of the day with no joy.


There’s ya problem, not using the right browser :wink: .

Occasionally when loading FA I get a “script runaway” message and the map doesn’t appear when I click to stop the script. I’m guessing there’s an intermittent hiccup with the map.


Issue is still occurring. Tried with IE as well and same result. What would be causing UAL to be the only fleet having this issue?


This was an issue with the logic done to make sure the labels don’t overlap each other. If there were hundreds of planes, it would spend too much time calculating all their overlaps and freeze your browser. It should now be fixed; please give it another try.


Seems to be working pretty good now! Thanks!