Flightfeeder to feed adsbexchange..??


Since we can no longer ssh into our Flightfeeder show do I go about running this script to feed my data to ads-b exchange…?

Login to your pi via SSH. Default username = “pi”, password = “flightaware” (for piAware installs). Then enter these commands, which will download the scripts needed.

sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get -y install git
git clone github.com/jprochazka/adsb-exchange.git
cd adsb-exchange
chmod +x setup.sh
sudo ./setup.sh
cd …
That’s it, your traffic should now appear on the Global Radar Page.

After completing the setup do not delete this repository.

The file “adsbexchange-maint.sh” script resides in this folder containing a clone of this repository. The path to execute this script after a reboot has been set to this location. Deleting this folder will result in the adsbexchange-maint.sh script not being executed thus not enabling your feeder to feed ADS-B Exchange.

If this is not clear, or you have questions, please start a thread in the forums and we can discuss.


You will need to run any additional feeding software on a separate device. The FlightFeeder provides data on the usual ports e.g. 30005 for Beast format, you can point your software at that. We don’t want modifications made to the FlightFeeder software image itself, we need a predictable software image there for maintenance/upgrade reasons.