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Flightfeeder stops sending data after midnight

I have observed that my Flightfeeder stops sending data around 2-3am ET and I will have to reboot it every morning for it to start sending data again. It looks like it can’t see any flights around that time and goes into a sleep mode and does not wake up?

Also, I observed that none of the Flightfeeders have the Flights section in the ADS-B user stats page populated but other feeders like PiAware or PlanePlotter show this data. Why is that?

  • Dinesh

This is a new hardware revision and we are still tweaking things.

Thank you for putting up with the mess while we improve the system.

This is fixed in beta and will be live on the site tomorrow around 2300 UTC.

[quote=“david.baker”]This is a new hardware revision and we are still tweaking things.

Thank you for putting up with the mess while we improve the system.

Not a problem, David. Just wanted to make sure something was not wrong on my end before I’m off to India.

Thanks for the info, Daniel. Looking forward for the update. Can’t wait to get this tracker up and running in Hyderabad, India two weeks from now.


I also face this same issue ever since I started from 10 Nov. Initially I thought my set-up, etc, checked my connections and everything but all looked normal. My fiber optic broadband internet is on 24/7 and my internet looks normal for my cable TV and PC internet connections.

Only in the morning when I check my Flight Aware live on the computer only to realise after midnight it was not live and not transmitting any data back to Flight Aware even though I see the LAN both lights blinking to show data going thru. Even used the screen function to reboot it also does not help. Had to power off and after 3-5 mins power on again then only see myself Live on Flight Aware.

Especially after midnight a lot of flights going thru my location and missed all these valuable data collection and feeding back to Flight Aware.

Hope the software/hardware bug can be rectified.

Thks and Rgds,

Hello Flight Aware Team,

I am a recent Flight Aware user. From the 1st day after receiving the kit from Flight Aware, have commissioned it 24/7, but every day after midnight or 0100hrs, it automatically goes offline and not live, although everything still ON and the LAN still has the blinking lights to show data transmitting and receiving. Every morning when I awake have to switch it off and then ON after few minutes. Even the reset function from the webpage here will not help.

Why is this so, heard it is a hardware bug ? If certain occasions when I am away while it is on 24/7, then if this happened it will not be LIVE until I am back to manually reset and reboot it.

Pls help. Thanks.


They are working on it…

You have already asked this question here: ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/flightfeeder-stops-sending-data-after-midnight-t19441.html

And David Baker replied:

This is a new hardware revision and we are still tweaking things.
Thank you for putting up with the mess while we improve the system.

Beaten to the response :smiley:

When i leave my ads box on all night then when i check the website adress to view it in the morneing it will not respond and i have to reboot it all the time and what ports do i open in my router.

You should not need to open any ports to send data back to flightaware. We use SSH to send the positions back to our servers.

If you want to stream the data to another computer you can use port 30002 or port 30005.
Here are some instructions to feed Planeplotter but you can use the same settings for VirtualRadar or any other program.
flightaware.com/adsb/faq#PlaneP … ightFeeder

We are trying to track down the midnight bug and any information you have will help.

Is this more of an overnight bug? It happens sometime between when you sleep to when you wake up? Is there a specific time this happens?

What timezone are you in ?

Are you seeing this problem only through the webpage on port 8080 or different ports?

Are you trying to stream data off the receiver through different ports?

Is the receiver on a battery UPS?


i’m in central time zone

no ups

What is giving you the indication of the problem? Can you connect to the web server on port 8080 and see planes? If you plug in an HDMI display what does it say?


My Flight Feeder is freezing once or twice a day. What can be done to fix this problem?

Best regards,

Everton Machado

Can you describe exactly what happens (e.g., how you observe and test it) and how you fix it? Is it certain times of day?

I usually detect that the receiver is frozen when I see my Planeplotter screen and there is no traffic. Then, I go to the receiver and there is no lights blinking (I cant see which of them are on or off), only steady lights. After that, I have to reset the receiver to put it back online.

When this happen, it’s not possible to access the data over the :8080 port.

Usually I realize that the receiver is frozen by the morning, but today I had to reset it twice.

Hi all.

The problem continues. Every morning the receiver is frozen.

Can I do anything to solve this problem? Any firmware update?

All right we made some progress on this. We are upgrading flightfeeders running older versions to 5.7. This is not a complete fix but there are a number of dump1090 improvements and various other things. We saw at least one host where dump1090 had died. We need to get some stuff we put into piaware into flightfeeder and we are working on that.


Just for your information, yesterday I had to manually reset the receiver 5 times. But today it’s working nice.


We are testing the update that should fix the range and midnight problem on the new FlightFeeder hardware.
We are sorry for all the problems and thanks for resetting your system when they go down.

If you are experiencing any problems you can email flightfeeder@flightaware.com