FlightAware "Unoffical" Picture of the Week

LOL! At least she was wearing panties!!

Yea, darn it.

She??? I thought that was YOU! :laughing:

Nice gams! (I’m a leg man.) :smiling_imp:

You just have to love rotor wash! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

poor guy seems to be worried more about his headset getting snagged by her heel than whats actually in front of him…lol…
Good find Frank…damn good find!!

Is it me or are they some funk ass panties?

She needs a nice thong… :smiling_imp:

Bwahaha!! Thongs are not all that comfy sometimes …I sense a lock down in our future! :blush:

Hey Jayyy! I’m that tall, with red hair… more of a booty though! :wink:

Comfort is not a factor, sorry.

LOL!! I do have a red, “Remove Before Flight” one! Now, that’s aviation related!! Just sayin and keepin us on topic! :wink:

redefines…“cleared for the visual…”

Nothing wrong with a little booty!

(I need to behave myself. That could easily be one of my daughters!) :open_mouth:

Agree, but that’s why I figure it’s real.

And that’s why I fly helicopters… :wink:

I just figured it out. This real because she’s wearing what we girls call “boyshorts” a style of lingerie. Never been a fan of them myself.

Just what I want to do. Wake up and find Boyshorts on the bedroom floor.

Now, I am curious, who does the removal before flight, pilot or co-pilot :stuck_out_tongue:

ALLEN!!! YAY!!! You’re OK!!! Why, the Captain of COURSE!!! :slight_smile:

Then I’ll be right over!

(Check my email button) :laughing: