Southwest exercises COC Article 10 Section F Subsection 1


On a June afternoon in San Diego between 3 and 4
while Southwest Flight 3050 was being turned after arriving from Sacramento and the boarding process for non-stop service to
Tucson with continue service to Albuquerque and Kansas City.
A certain Hooters waitress prepares to board for her short
flight to Tucson. Little did she know what the flight crew
would go ahead and exercise the above mentioned section
and WERE prepared to deny her boarding based on the clothing
that she was wearing. What is missed by most is that a compromise
solution was offered and she except and she DID fly on 3050. Southwest
is currently getting killed on their blog (230+ comments, most strongly in favor of customer) on this.


link to the news story (with pic)


Ok, ok, I’ll say it.

I wouldn’t have minded one bit if she had been sitting next to me. :wink:




Ok I searched and can’t find this. I’m sure it’s out there, I just wanted to read it.


F. Comfort and Safety - Carrier may refuse to transport or remove from the aircraft at any
point any passenger in the following categories as may be necessary for the comfort or safety of such passenger or other passengers:
(1) Persons whose conduct is or has been known to be disorderly, abusive, offensive, threatening, intimidating, or violent, or whose clothing is lewd, obscene, or patently offensive;


Thank you, I wasn’t even thinking of an internal SWA document.


And why did they deny her boarding?

By the looks of the pic, she is not showing any of her chest, and her skirt covers areas that need to be covered and she is not showing anything but legs, arms, and face.

I am ashamed that the flight crew on the flight would deny her boarding.

There mean lol.


“Remember What It Was Like Before Southwest Airlines? You Didn’t Have Hostesses in Hotpants. Remember? (1972)” speaks for itself;[ Southwest Airlines 1972 Commercial ]](


…That was good…


Until someone can confirm she was wearing panties on the flight, I’m not blowing off the flight crew’s decision. They pulled her off AFTER she set down which tells me perhaps something was revealed along the way? No doubt the skirt would be pulled up while sitting in an airplane seat and anybody walking by could probably see anything they wanted (or not). As much as I enjoy the female body, I prefer to do it on my own terms. Not really a fan of having a strangers junk near my personal space.