Does Spaceflight Cause Insanity?


I am incredulous that no one has posted this story yet.

Yet another indication that the tales bandied about the bars in Clear Lake, TX are true and there is a 200 mile high club!

As a member of the ~10 mile high club, I’m jealous.


The diaper was a nice touch.


I can hear Letterman and Leno writing feverishly on this one already…

As someone who can’t convince his wife to do it WITH THE LIGHTS ON, I’m jealous (of you). :angry:

I don’t think the “pair” in question flew together on any missions; they just trained together.


Have you offered to wear a bag over your head? :wink:


What a difference going crazy can make:




What gets me is that she wore the diaper on the 900 mile ride. I would guess so that she would not have to pull over to use the bathroom. Did she think she could make it with out having to stop for gas too?


I was thinking the same thing, there’s only one vehicle I can think of off the top of my head with a 900 mile range, and it wouldn’t have been very practical for the trip:


This is why they say "What happens on Risa stays on Risa " :wink:


“If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, gotta make an ugly girl your wife…”

Dang; as Forest said, “stupid is as stupid does”

More NASA jokes, Need A Sane AstroNUT

I guess they may need to reevaluate how the mental screening is done.


JHEM, did this happen in the military? Or on the Concorde? Did Opie and Anthony put you up to it? :laughing:

On another topic… astronauts wear a diaper during liftoff when they might be strapped in at an uncomfortable position for lengthy periods.

Also kind of on topic and very cool:
blast off (note who’s sitting in the center)





During that period of my life, yes.

En route to Australia a TWA stew took a liking to my jump wings and expressed a desire in possessing them.

So we traded wings.

Still got 'em.


Yeah, but she insists on plastic. :wink: :wink:


Whoa! Kinky


Unfortunately, I get the feeling she plans to “climax” when the life insurance check arrives… :open_mouth:

Dark is good…


Never, EVER allow yourself to be worth more dead than alive!

Just raises all kinds of moral issues in the minds of your supposed loved ones.


Now that’s service!


Was this a military charter or a TWA stew flying another airline on vacation? TWA has never had scheduled service to Australia.


Military charter ex. Saigon to Sydney via Darwin going on R&R.

I don’t recall if it was a 707 or a DC8, but whatever it was it didn’t have the legs to fly Saigon to Sydney direct so we had an obligatory fuel stop in Darwin where we also cleared Customs.

Gave a whole new meaning to the term First Class travel!

Before you jump on me about the altitude, it was probably around FL350, so it was more like the ~7 mile high club than ~10. The “10 mile high club” was an oft used term at that time to refer to any hook-up at the flight levels.

And no, the wings aren’t the plastic ones that the flight crew would hand out to kids on cockpit visits, they’re 10k gold!


In this context, is stew an abbreviation for steward or stewardess?