Flightaware time discrepancies


First off, I want to say thanks to the Flightaware guys, this program has made my job a lot easier. Also, first time post, so if this sounds rookie, you know why…

I use this for notification of cargo flights into cyhm, notifications to my blackberry for arrival times from YYC, YMX and YOW. From YMX and YOW, the times are bang on. YYC was also bang on for quite a while, however in the past couple of week or so I’ve been finding a difference of half hour, an hour, over an hour… is this just due to Flightaware plotting a straight line and the aircraft actually hooks over Canada instead of direct? An hour air time difference from YYC to YHM seems a little excessive, though isnt it?


We don’t calculate or estimate flight duration, we just pass on what NavCanada tells us was filed (and any in-flight updates from ATC). If you can I’d talk to whoever is filing the flightplans to see what they’re assuming, and the pilots to see what they’re actually being cleared for.


I was sitting at the end of the runway at KPAE waiting for a UAE 777 delivery flight, I was looking at FA and it said it just departed, had a track and everything, which was crazy since I somehow didn’t see it depart.

But then 30 minutes later it taxiied by and then departed as expected.



How old was the track? UAE is buying a lot of 777s, so it may have been the previous delivery.


You are right about that, but this was the only UAE flight of any kind that day.

Here’s the track:

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAE7 … /KPAE/OMDB

It was the only delivery of the day. My EXIF data in my photos says it departed at 12:50pm.


Same for the EXIF in another spotter’s pic:



Note the tracklog for that “11:30am” flight doesn’t start until 12:50pm (at 2100 feet). First time I’ve noticed an early departure message.


Wish I made a screen cap, because it was rendering a flight path, too, at least for a little while until the real thing departed.


It happened again today


Departure time says 12:00pm

Said the plane had departed coincidentally at the same time it began its pushback (around 12:30?), actually left the ground at 12:255pm-ish

Departure time says 12:00pm




Would it be possible to show the ENTIRE screenshot? In the far upper right corner below the words Live Flight Tracking and to the right of your Member status is the time the page was last rendered or refreshed.

This may help the FA staff see exactly what you saw at that given moment and backtrace to the exact time in their logs.

I am not sure where that time is derived from, but if it’s derived from the user, check the time in your profile reflects correctly (not the forum profile, but in the live tracking portion) and also if the page renders from the time of the laptop, check the time there too.

Having worked with VPNs, one would be surprized how a simple thing like DATE (YEAR) and TIME on a laptop is wrong so often and cause all sorts of wierd things to happen especially when it comes to the website validating certificates and cookies. I am not saying this happens here, just food for thought in the troubleshooting phase.



Thanks for the error reports, liembo, we’re looking into them. There’s definitely something weird with the data coming out of KPAE and KBFI; a couple weeks ago the FAA told us a flight departed 15 hours in the future and arrived 12 hours in the future.


Here’s the full screen: 500k:

Large size cap of screen


Yes Mark, it was me that pointed that out iirc. It’s funny, this exact same topic came up again today with a PAE spotter and this thread was mentioned. The departure times for SIA777 and ACA7077 out of KPAE on 14th March are also well out. They departed within minutes of each other but yet the tracker shows 1848z for one and 2000z for the other. Can’t recall the actual times they left without checking, but they weren’t anything like what’s shown.

Definitely a bug somewhere in the feed as other tracker sites are reporting the same times.

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Further to the above, the actual departure times were 1301 local for the Singapore 777 and 1309 local for the Air Canada, which makes them 2001z and 2009z - so the Singapore is correct but the Air Canada is showing as having departed 1:20 prematurely.
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Thanks for the report, Rob. We’ve identified the spurious message and will note it to the FAA. Please report future issues like this in this thread.


I have gotten early departure messages a few times but usually just shrugged it off as a filing thing or something since it usually occurs a few minutes after we file.

It is a bit weird to get a departure message while you’re still pre-flighting…


Mark, another one that’s gone AWOL is RYR800E. Showed up in scheduled departures ex BFI for 0000z today but no actual departure time. Checking Eurocontrol CFMU for the flight plan, the ATOT was 0346z, ATA 1215z at Dublin.



See discussions.flightaware.com/view … 7361#47361


Okay thanks - now seen it and apologies in advance for my rather “abrupt” reply on the other thread that’s going on at the moment. I see you’ve identified a/the bug now and are (presumably) working on fixing it. :slight_smile: