Flightaware info incorrect?

Take a look at this flight of yesterday as reported on Flightaware"

NJC150 GLF2 Nashville Int’l (KBNA) 13:13 CDT 15:30 EDT

I saw this aircraft land and the tail # was N757AL which the FAA says is

a privately owned Lear 35A

What happened?

Looking at the history, NJC150 appears, in fact, to be a Gulfstream.

Flight Aware gets info from the FAA.

In this case, I believe you are wrong.

NJC150 is not a tail number. It’s a flight number

I wouldn’t necessarily say Giselher is wrong. He/she may have seen the aircraft just before/after NJC150. There is a 5-9 minute delay on FA. However, im4point, you are correct in pointing out that FA gets info from the FAA.

Giselher, also take into consideration that sometimes the “arrival” time from the FAA is when the IFR cancellation has been received and the aircraft has been handed off to the local tower. This has happened many times with my Father in-law and his flights. While the arrival says 3:30, it may have actually landed anywhere between 10-20 minutes after that. These are only a couple different options that could have happened, but I wouldn’t just go out and say Giselher is wrong.

How do you know that N757AL came from Nashville to Westminster?

According to the tracklog, the Gulfstream was still at 3000 feet when we recieved the arrival message, so it probably didn’t land for another 5 minutes or so.

pika: While the display of the data is delayed 5-6 minutes, departure/position/arrival messages are all timestamped by the FAA so we know when they actually occured.

Nevermind http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/CheckM8/metal.gif

I figured there was a timestamp, but there has been a couple of time where the arrival times were about 20-30 minutes off from when he actually landed. I was guessing that the arrival messages would come through within a couple of minutes of being handed off to the local tower (when applicable).

Thanks for the thoughts. However, I was at the airport photographing the aircraft. I specifically wanted to get a photo of the Glf 2. There were ONLY two aircraft that came in between 1300 and 1800 while I was there, a GLF IV and the Lear. I know that the NCJ150 is a “flight number” and that it was supposed to have been Nashville Jet Charters. I also figured (perhaps erroneously that NC120, as here:
NJC120 GLF2 Jacksonville Int’l (KJAX) Sun 17:11 EDT Sun 18:57 EDT Sun 18:53 EDT

which happens to have fit the TO time of the Lear 35A was probably just a change in flight number to fit the return trip (although Netjets doesn’t seem to follow this pattern, using the same flight number for both arrivals and departures from the local airport).
BUT - I did get the tail number from the Lear Jet and unless Glf 2’s have added small tank-like-objects to the ends of the wings, the aircraft I saw looked like a Lear 35A to me.

BTW the Gulf IV was N123LC and its departure was delayed by over an hour, so I am aware that they don’t necessarily have to file an amended flight plan due to a delay (or at least they didn’t because he took off at 1850 - and take a look at the routing he took!)

Is it possible that the private party owner of the Lear is the “owner” of Nashville Jet Charters & that such owner had to substitute his personally owned aircraft in place f the Glf2 because the Glf2 had problems? Is it legal to do that without filing an amended flight plan?

There are G2’s with tip tanks. Not many but they are out there.
Size though would make it difficult to mistake a G2TT for a 30 series Lear.