FlightAware Explained on CNN just now

I was channel surfing and saw a full-screen image of DL1085’s flight track on my TV, and saw the reporter explaining all about FlightAware and how it’s more oriented for the professional than a novice flight tracker.

The story wasn’t about DL1085, he was just displaying it as an example.

Nice publicity for FA, and the reporter didn’t even make any of the typical mistakes (“an Airbus 737” … “a Beechcraft Citation capable of carrying 44 people”).

You’re not the only one who saw it, traffic this afternoon is up 100% over normal. :slight_smile:

They must be coming to see my new video?

And a damn good vid it was Frank. :smiley:

100%?, that must be why the site was unavailable for a while.

John in Saudi

why you pimping that video so hard frank?

Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

I want to know who was flying the airplane while Frank was outside taking the picture.

John in Saudi

'specially when it’s “hard”. Sorry, couldn’t resist, carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

The site was unavailable for about 3 minutes in the morning (Central) due to a bug, but stayed up during/after CNN’s feature.

Hate to report, I was getting the site was down message for about 5 minutes this afternoon. (1300-1400 hour). It’s back up and working fine though now.

We know. :frowning:

Allen broke it…AGAIN!!!