FlightAware dump1090 not accessible on Windows XP PC


I have a small network of mostly old PCs but I do have a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 PC now too.

When I open a web browser and go to: my FlightAware works only on Windows 7 and 10 PCs. No longer does it work on Windows XP PCs.

Is this just me?

Any workaround?

Thank you.



I did not quite understand the reply. Should I remove HTTP or look for another IP? But the IP works on the non-XP PCs.

And I am unable to get FlightAware to work on the XP PC.



Well, I should have written something with the screenshot I posted. My mistake.

I just wanted to show you that there is no problem with XP or with the address. I get the SkyView on XP by typing both ways, with or without http.

I do not understand the reason why you dont get it on XP.


What browser are you using?
I see from the screenshot that @abcd567 is using Firefox. If you are using the original XP version of Internet Explorer it is possible it is not compatible.


Open the command prompt and ping the IP-address:


This sounds like either the XP is on a different network or some really strange firewall is active.

also run ipconfig on XP and post the results if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


good advice. Thank you.