FlightAware.com updates from the week

Hi, everyone.

A few updates that we’d like to make everyone aware of:

  • As Mark announced on Tuesday
    , Flight Planning now supports time & fuel burn for holds and diversions.

  • We now have 57 shared aircraft performance profiles available in flight planning. Anyone can try out these sample aircraft or copy (and edit) the profiles to their account for specific aircraft. We have at least 35 aircraft in the queue to be entered by our flight planning team with more arriving every day – you can expect FlightAware to soon have more aircraft profiles than any other flight planning service.

  • The photos section
    now offers pre-made links on photo pages so that you can embed images in forum posts, on your blog, etc.

  • The discussion forums are dramatically faster due to some software optimization. The third party discussion forum software was not designed for communities with so many users; FlightAware has over 300,000 registered members.