FlightAware Releases Flight Planning



FlightAware Releases Free, Revolutionary, Fuel Optimizing, Online Flight Planning

FROM THE FLOOR OF NBAA 2008 / ORLANDO FLA, October 6, FlightAware, the world leader in flight tracking and online aviation data with over 120,000 registered pilots, released a free online flight planning application this morning at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Orlando, Florida. FlightAware Flightplan does not require pilots or dispatchers to pick altitudes, routes, or make guesses about fuel optimizations. Aircraft operators use a web browser to enter minimal information and are presented with an optimized routing matrix from which they can click to file their flight plans with the FAA and print for the cockpit.

“We’re going to save operators a ton of money,” said Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer, adding “They’ve been telling us they want a flight planning application that’s as easy to use as FlightAware.com’s flight tracking, that helps them optimize flight times, fuel burn and operating costs. FlightAware flight planning delivers all that, and arrives at a time when operators’ need to manage costs is particularly acute.”


  • Web based interface (available anytime, anywhere)
  • Mapped routings (with NEXRAD weather)
  • Route/Altitude optimization matrix (find shortest time and/or lowest cost)
  • File directly with the FAA
  • Real-time predictive routing based on current ATC data
  • Current FBO fuel prices
  • METARs, TAFs, national, local, and en route weather
  • Bundled terminal procedures (IAPs, DPs, STARs in PDF format)
  • Stored aircraft performance data

About FlightAware
FlightAware (flightaware.com) was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial aircraft in the United States. FlightAware’s business model, product offerings, and customer services have transformed the flight tracking industry. FlightAware provide flight tracking information to over two million people a month. FlightAware maintains databases of every airport, runway, weather
reporting facility, navigational aid, and IFR terminal procedure. FlightAware has offices and facilities in Houston and New York.

Booth #4077 at NBAA 2008 in Orlando, Florida between October 6-8, 2008
Kimberly Kubas, +1-713-877-9006



Very Nice, Good Luck and much success with the new feature. Should be a great addition to an already great site.


I like it!


Daniel, could you please not cross post in the forums.


I AM KIDDING!!! :laughing:

Played around a little with the new feature and like it. FIL saw it this morning and really likes it so when the bird is back in one piece, he can use it (aka, make his wife file his flight plans for him). Nice addtition.


Kudos to Daniel and the FlightAware team. You’re adding value to the site moment by moment. Look forward to using this new feature.


Cool… :smiley: All the best… Anyone used it yet? and, is it available via the mobile website?

P.S. Whats with the stock market today?

------> Officially the first person to go off track on the new section <------

—> Made You Look! <—


Still get service error, just tried it b4 posting… :confused:


I emailed Mark the debug info for your issue. Is it possible that your aircraft performance profile is incomplete? Missing weights, etc?


Not sure? I believe I filled out all appropriate fields??

Below is what I have for N1943L (can’t get rid of N1943l)


I think the climb rate at 0 altitude is what’s causing the problems and I removed it. Please try planning a flight now.


No joy. Still service interruption

If this helps, flight input was as follows

Only thing I type is flight level range, and take off weight.

Everything else below I click on
Departure time
aircraft which autofills flight profle.
cost of fuel