FlightAware Releases Seamless Fuel Bidding


FROM THE FLOOR OF NBAA 2010/ATLANTA, GA - FlightAware, the world’s largest online flight tracking and flight planning company, announced the release of FuelAware, a free online service for private and corporate aviation trip managers and pilots. FuelAware allows trip managers and pilots to anonymously submit pricing requests to FBOs for passenger, pilot, and aircraft amenities, including fuel, and make reservations at the FBO of their choice.

FBOs respond to bids in an anonymous system that consolidates responses for the trip manager for a reservation selection. FuelAware includes the latest facility photos, location maps, amenity listings, and user reviews to assist the trip manager in making the best decision.

“FuelAware is about saving time, saving money, and finding the best FBO,” said Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware. “We’ve just made the process of picking a great FBO a whole lot simpler, for both the trip manager and the FBO.”

FlightAware recognized that the process of researching multiple FBOs for an upcoming trip, negotiating the best price, and making a final reservation, is a slow and inconsistent process, often requiring hours of preparation. FuelAware solves this problem by providing a simple online portal where trip managers submit upcoming trip details on one form, prompting single or multiple FBOs to respond with pricing for services and fuel. When an FBO is chosen by the trip manager, FlightAware confirms the reservation with the FBO and provides a printed reservation for the pilot.

About FuelAware
Available today for free at flightaware.com/fuelaware/

About FlightAware
FlightAware (flightaware.com) is the largest flight tracking, flight data, and flight planning company in the world. FlightAware was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial aircraft in the United States. FlightAware provides flight tracking, flight data, and flight planning services to over two million people a month. FlightAware has offices in Houston and New York.

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