Flightaware Antenna From Amazon.co.uk

Has anyone managed to order and receive one of the flightaware antennas from amazon.co.uk?

I ordered one when they said they were in stock on the 7th April and it estimated the delivery a few working days later. it hadn’t arrived by the 19th so i contacted amazon and they said that the courier had lost the package. they processed a refund and i reordered straight away and it estimated delivery on the 25th April… it still hasn’t arrived.

I expect a slight delay because it says the item is being shipped from Amazon EU SARL, but its been almost 4 weeks and it says the item was dispatched on the 20th.

There is no tracking information available on Amazon for this item.

If anyone has received one, what kind of delivery wait did you have?



Ordered mine on 18th April, delivered 22nd - day before planned delivery.

On reading this I’ve just spoken with amazon and they cancelled my order, refunded me and give me a second free month of amazon prime.

Strange, but they just don’t seem to be able to get one delivered to me!



I have not bought any antenna, but two prosticks and filters, got both orders delivered to Sweden in a couple of days.

Thinking of buying an antenna later this month…