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Original FlightAware Antenna?

I just received the Flight Aware ADS-B N-Type Antenna 26", but it’s completely different from all the images on the internet. I received a Grey antenna with the brackets etc, but it does not have the FlightAware logo on it. It has a white sticker on it which says “F:1060 - 1120MHz”.

Is this the original one or is it a fake one?

Welcome BLFA!

Sounds odd… Where did you order the antenna? Can you post a link?

Thank you!

I ordered it from a Dutch webshop, it’s the only webshop here in NL that sells FlightAware stuff.

I made a photo of the Antenna: https://imgur.com/a/vKs39VO

That looks indeed completely different from what I would have expected.
In NL I know SOS Solutions sells this antenna: https://www.sossolutions.nl/flightaware-1090mhz-ads-b-n-type-antenna-26-5-5dbi
They state theirs is from “ModMyPi” (https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/communication-1068/flightaware-1090mhz-ads-b-antenna-66cm--26in)

The images on the above sites are lacking detail on the sticker, but the color is different.
I’m unsure if you bought a “dead sparrow” (NL: dode mus), but it doesn’t look like the official FlightAware antenna indeed.

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Yep that’s the one I bought.

I’m going to try it out as soon as my SMA (M) --> Type N (M) cable comes in, if the performance is really bad I’ll probably return it.

I’ll let you know how the performance is. Will update this thread.

They state themselves:

Which means olive green.

You picture the antenna is grey.
But it looks like it’s high quality so maybe the original supplier making the Flightaware antenna had a shortage in the original color? :slight_smile:

Does your supplier vary the color of the antenna?

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I’ve setup my “pro stuff” in 2016, week 26.
Ordered at Amazon, with the orange FlightAware stick, the light blue FA filter and the official olive green FA antenna. Replacing the cut whip antenna and el cheapo dongle.
Around that time I made this screenshot to show what it did to my performance --> https://www.flickr.com/photos/b-o-k/39071401220/in/album-72157663428225794/

I hope to receive the 2019 dark blue FA filter this week, to filter the GSM900 signals that surround me.

I currently have a cheap blue aliexpress dongle and a whip antenna which I cut. You can see the performance on my FlightAware page: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/BLFA Which is not too bad.

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ sits in my attic, the whip antenna is mounted outside, 2 meters above my roof on a PVC pipe (I designed and 3D printed a custom PVC pipe holder which I screwed into the metal roof window enclusure).

I hope I can see more than 100 planes at the same time with the new antenna. I also bought a FlightAware Pro Stick Plus (Blue) at the same seller, but have to wait for the 5 meter cable to get delivered by regular mail, probably somewhere today.

VariFlight antenna:

Not much can be found about that antenna… I’m wondering how the webshop got those antenna’s. Can’t seem to find them anywhere on the web.

I just found the exact same antenna on AliExpress:

Definitely not a FlightAware antenna! Seems like the shop is selling fake antennas.

@wiedehopf that’s not one of ours.

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Alright, the antenna is on my roof right now with an old 174U SMA to SMA with an SMA to N adapter/plug cable.

The better cable should come in tomorrow I hope.

Performance is not too bad, currently without a filter which I will add very soon since there are 2 900mhz telephone poles within a 1km range.

Screenshot of PiAware Skyview:

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Antenna seems to perform fine from what I see there! :ok_hand:t2:
“More than 100 planes” - mission accomplished!
I get only half of that, placed inside on the second floor and surrounded by high rise buildings.

Nevertheless I think SOS Solutions should not sell the antenna as a FlightAware branded one…

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Can you provide the link to the product you bought?

If it’s indeed this one https://www.sossolutions.nl/flightaware-1090mhz-ads-b-n-type-antenna-26-5-5dbi

@esmathews : Might want to have a talk with that shop in case you do business with them.

That’s indeed the one I bought.

The picture on the page looks like an FA antenna, the actual antenna does not. That has been confirmed by @esmathews.

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New record! This antenna isn’t bad at all, still with the RG174U cable (5 meters, about 5dB loss) and no filter.

Filter has been ordered, cable should come in today (LMR200, 5 meters, about 1.8dB loss if I’m right).

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And where did you buy that cable? Does it have N & SMA connectors already fitted?
I ask because after only 3 years I looked at the coax that was delivered with the Amazon FA-kit.
It turns out to be “YangYang” RG-58/U 50ohm (3m / 10ft):

Not the best choice. Reference: Announcing the new 1090 MHz only bandpass filter! - (don’t use rg58)
So I would like to replace it but I kinda suck in adding connectors…
Thinking about Aircell 7, but also would like to know how and where you bought yours.

I’m a big fan of Messi & Paoloni coax - Their 7mm cable is slightly lower loss than Aircell 7. However, for any decent length, I’d recommend their Ultraflex 10 which is 10mm diameter and quotes 13.81dB loss for a 100m length at 1GHz. They also have a Hyperflex range which is a bit more flexible, fractionally lower loss and slightly more expensive.

My preferred supplier is WiMo - I’ve bought from them quite a few times. Even with the cost of shipping to the UK, it’s cheaper from them than it is from UK suppliers.

/edit - I won’t use any other make coax now. I even use Ultraflex 7 for patch leads!



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