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Availablity of Flightaware antenna in the EU?

Does anybody have a link to a webshop in Europe that has the Flightaware antenna in stock ?
I’ve been checking on a number of shops but it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

I want to expand my number of feeders and I’m inclined to the FA antenna in order to keep all my setups equal but it seems to be an item that has very limited availability.

Many thanks in advance

Did you check the Jetvision antenna?

Flightaware is pretty often delivering their antenna, at least in Germany

Yeah i did check the JetVision antenna. That one is available for a slightly higher cost, 63 for the Flightaware one and 78 for the Jetvision.

But as said I want to keep all set-ups equal :wink:

This is a good antenna for a reasonable price: COL1090/5-S

Or even this longer / higher gain one: COL1090/7.5-P

Be careful with the coax offered on the page though, some is RP-SMA which misses the pin to connect to the SDR :slight_smile: (you could get an adapter but one might as well get a correct cable if one can get a hold of it)


Thanks, I ordered 2 of those, I will get the cables somewhere else locally :wink: they have them in stock.

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You could contact Jetvision. Sometimes they can make you a special offer, as they did to me.

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The two suggested by @wiedehopf were sold in the past via eBay (maybe still). It is around for a while and many users here in that discussion board are using it.

I think it’s a comparable solution to the Jetvision devices.

Thanks, I ordered and paid for them via the website of the maker, and selected this one COL1090/5-S

Delvery should take between 10-30 days depending on location but I hope they will be here in the upcoming two weeks. FA blue sticks, filters and cables arrive tomorrow :smile:

I have some Orangepi’s lying about that will get a function now, they are running on Armbian and I saw that there are instructions on this forum on how to get it running :wink:

I’ve got a easy expandable network at home so the setup should be easy, already have the equipment at the desired locations, it just a matter of adding the hardware and setting it up.
I already have 2 feeders running for 3 years, now expanding to 4 and hope to cover the dead spots in the current set-up.
I’ve learned a lot here in the last few months so that makes life easier.
And in this way I maybe can give something back to the community ( feeding FA, FR24 and ADSBexchange).
And besides that, it’s becoming addictive to get it right :rofl:

Didn’t you read the warning on the pack!!

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Have a look here:

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Thanks, that’s an option to know, UK isn’t EU anymore so could he some hassle the get them overhere but nice tip :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you’ll have a problem - I recently puchased a Jetvision antenna from Germany and an coax cable from Latvia with no issues or delay.
PiHut are very good too :+1:

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Trouble is more in the other direction getting goods from the UK to the rest of Europe.
My wife needed more than 2 weeks getting some stuff from her favourite store in the UK which was done in less than a week before.

Some shops have stopped shipping temporarily due to the unclear conditions.