Another antenna for my orange receiver


I am just thinking to have a spare antenna for my orange beside the one given me by FA. So I came across this one sold by Jetvision,known as A3 ads-b antenna…is this compatible with orange??

It should be. Keep in mind to order the proper connectors.
P.S. I have looked it up in their website and the cable they are suggesting under the antenna has the proper connectors.

And the cable link:

arush87 - that’s the antenna Ive been using since day one of me feeding both FA & FR - initially with a DVB-T dongle and now the orange FA Prostick receiver. At the time FA hadn’t released their own antenna and the Jetvision one was one of the few available.



The original FA antenna is a bit cheaper and has almost the same coverage if not sometimes even better :wink:

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If you mean the FlightFeeder, then NO. FF uses a very special hybrid GPS/ADSB version of the antenna, the Jetvision SCO-1090-GPS.


I seem to have mixed up the different FlightFeeders, please disregard my comment!


I mean if the connectors are same then also it won’t work with flightfeeder orange??

The FlightFeeder Orange does not require the special GPS antenna. In general please contact support via e-mail for FlightFeeder assistance at We know which specific equipment you have and can assist with problems to ensure that your device works correctly.