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Original FlightAware Antenna?

The cable got delivered today. It’s a 5 meter Delock LMR200 cable with the connectors already on it.

It’s doing its work very good, still without the filter. Should be here on Saturday.

Here’s a screenshot from this midday when I just replaced the 174U cable with the LMR200 one, bought from onlinekabelshop.nl (19.99 for 5 meters).


Very nice, that’s a really big increase over your previous shot. People often underestimate the importance of good coax.


Can’t find that specific cable on the mentioned site, but it must be this one, on bol.com, right?

It’s this one: https://www.onlinekabelshop.nl/sma-m-n-m-kabel-cfd200-5-meter

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Yesterday I also replaced the coax (3m RG-58) with the cable mentioned in the previous post (5m of LMR200 / CDF200 low noise coax ).
So far I don’t see any improvements in the graphs. Might also be a quiet weekend when it comes to number of planes up in the air. Will see what the next days will bring…

Just looking at random specs for RG-58/U cable:
0.54 dB attenuation per meter at 1000 MHz.

So with 3m you lost 1.5 dB.

LMR200 cable has 0.34 dB attenuation per meter at 1000 MHz.

So with 5m you are at the same attenuation with the new cable.

RG-58/U actually seems to be better than standard RG-58.
Now i don’t know the exact specs of the RG-58/U cable you had and they may be worse or even better than the spec i found.

Looking at your coverage it seems to be majorly restricted by obstacles anyway.

As always i’d recommend trying the external rtl-sdr LNA, for me it clearly outperformed the integrated prostick LNA.

I had somewhat of the same idea. Thanks for conforming!
Obstacles (indeed) are high-rise buildings, mainly at the NE and NW.

Anyway, the 5 meters give me a bit more length to play with the positioning of the antenna (inside - maybe put it outside for a while, but I lack the right options to keep it there 24/7).


Wow, putting the antenna outside gave a ~50% increase on “Aircraft Seen / Tracked”!
I even had to lower the gain from 48 dB to 40 dB due to more strong messages.

There are three things which greately improve antenna performance: location, location, and location. :slight_smile:



But it must be tri-dimentional as well. Don’t forget height.:smiley:

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Height comes under location.

There’s a tower block near me which is eleven stories and has a really amazing clear view in all directions. I’m going to approach the owners to see if I can persuade them to let me install a self-contained box on the roof. Going by feedback from someone else who has tried in the past, I’m not confident I’ll be successful but I have nothing to lose by trying.


Not in the way the expression is mostly used, real estate. That was my ‘motivation’, smiley and all.

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