FlightAware Antennas Sold Out?


I noticed that Amazon lists the FlightAware antennas as unavailable:

I purchased one a few days ago for ~$50. Yesterday I noticed the price went up to ~$80. And today, they are gone. Will there be another batch, or was that it?



From a separate thread –



We have two antennas for sale on Amazon:
6db 1090Mhz for $45
8db 978+1090Mhz for $80

The first antenna went out of stock this week when someone bought an exceptional number (more than a weeks worth of typical sales). It should be back in stock Monday.

The second antenna we’re waiting to receive more from our supplier, will likely be a week or two before they’re in stock on Amazon.

Keeping popular equipment in stock is hard. 8)


Great information. Thank you for sharing. I wonder how many nodes that lucky person who cleaned out all the stock is going to put up. It is wonderful that the product is so popular. It is amazing to see how quickly the number of nodes is growing.