Flight Turnaround Time


How quick are aircraft refueled and more importantly, cleaned before the next flight.

Just checking a relative’s scheduled flight from Bali to Dubai and see the same aircraft is en route from NZ to Bali. It suggests less than 2 hours to fully prepare the aircraft for the journey to Dubai after landing at Bali.

That seems a bit quick to do everything that’s needed, mainly cleaning the aircraft.


Fuel, food and cleaning. 2 hours is realistic.

Ryanair needs around 30min for turning around their Boeing 737 on shorter inner European flights

They don’t use cleaners.

I thought about that. Is it a fact?

I heard jokes in the past that they were thinking about making the lavatories coin operated, and replacing the seats with vertical boards. :rofl:

I believe that the cabin crew have to do the cleaning between flights. The other ideas you mention I have also read about.

I think they do, but we are talking 1h, 2h flights, so I do not think a 2h cleaning break is either necessary or economically viable. After a 8h flight where people get served several meals, it is a different story.

With regards to the other things, so far they have limited themselves to selling scratchcards for children’s charities and having short legs is a great advantage, too :grin:

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On larger aircraft fueling alone could take 45 minutes to an hour. Of course this is overlapped with other services such as cleaning, boarding, baggage etc.

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