How often are passenger cabins refurbished?


Just curious how often the cabins of the US Majors are refurbished. New seats (or new seat covers, not sure which they do) new carpet, etc. Specifically for SWA and AirTran if anyone has knowledge of either of those.


Airtran aircraft still have the same interiors they were delivered with. All their aircraft have been delivered after September 23, 1999 (the delivery date of their first 717).

Airlines typically look at new interiors for an aircraft after it has been in service for 15-20 years.

Seat covers/cushions on the other hand are changed whenever they are stained or damaged. Same goes for carpet. I imagine that not many carpets or seat covers make it more than 10 years in service before one of those things happens.

Also, every month or so, every aircraft has a “deep cleaning” where all the carpets, seats, and walls are steam cleaned.


I know some are pulled and refurbed every few years during D checks. I don’t know if that’s always the case. I’ve seen C and D checks performed at TRAMCO/Goodrich and the place at DAL and it’s quite impressive. Goodrich has a special jetway thing to facilitate interior work without taking up hangar space.


Yes, during a D-Check nearly every piece of the interior must be removed. However, that doesn’t mean it will be replaced.


No, but it does mean refurbished which is what Nealoc187 asked. And after a heavy check the interior is RTS “like” new.


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